Welcome to Pocket-E

do Enterprise Data differently

Pocket-E allows you to visualize solutions to your business needs in innovative ways that are not possible with other software. Whether your data resides locally within Pocket-E or if Pocket-E is integrating with multiple data sources within your Enterprise, Pocket-E will allow your users to view and interact with your data like never before.

Pocket-E is running critical, high-transaction processes 24x7 for our customers. We have made iterative design and performance improvements over the years as each new challenge has arisen. We are not finished. We constantly seek to improve speed and dependability so that Pocket-E becomes your most trusted application.


Pocket-E Platform

a Framework for Building Solutions

  • Exchange Data with any data source
  • Run User Interfaces on all platforms
  • Rapidly Builds business solutions

When you license the Pocket-E Platform, you also receive access to our full suite of Pre-Made Solutions.



a Suite of Enterprise Tools

We can implement any of our solutions as-is, or we can leverage them within our Platform as a starting point to quickly craft a solution for your business.


Key Features

Pocket-E is the culmination of years of Enterprise Data Management experience.


Enterprise Integration

Whether your data comes from

  • an ERP system
  • a PLC system
  • some ancient legacy application
  • the trendiest cloud system

Pocket-E can access it and add value to it.


Peace of Mind

Pocket-E is an appliance that sits on your local network. If there's a technical issue, Pocket-E tells us. If there's a bug fix needed, you will automatically get it. If there's a new version available, you will get that too. Pocket-E is our responsibility, so your I.T. staff can concentrate on your company.


True Data Visualization

You want graphs? We can do graphs. Now think dynamic interactive maps of your shop floor. Think production data overlaid and updated in real-time on that map. Now THAT is adding power to your data. Pocket-E raises the bar when it comes to truly powerful data analytics and decision-making.


Native Performance

The Pocket-E client harnesses the power of the Unity®Pro engine to create truly native applications on all platforms. Unlike some solutions that are simply poorly performing HTML5 wrappers around older technology, Pocket-E was designed from scratch to be the best performing experience on any platform.

All Screens

One Code, All Clients

Pocket-E accomplishes the holy grail of modern IT development. It provides a true cross-platform user experience that runs natively on Web Browsers, Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android devices. Stop worrying about which platform Pocket-E supports and just pick the one that makes the most sense for you.


Take This Seriously

Don't gamble your enterprise on something off an app store sitting next to the latest word game craze, and don't subject your users to yet another horribly performing web-app. Pocket-E is battle tested and actively being used to serve critical applications 24 hours a day.

Empower your Enterprise Today!

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